10 Must Have Items for the Hospitality Baskets: Showing your guests some love in the loo

Whenever I have the pleasure of touring venues with couples, after we explore the space and talk details, I always encourage them to take a quick peek at the washrooms. I know, it's not beautiful, it's not sexy, it's not even fun but it's one space that every guest is likely to visit and it's often overlooked. I like to take this one step further and encourage couples to put small hospitality baskets in the washrooms (that's right, I said washrooms plural, as in, let's not forget all the handsome gents at these events!). 

But what the heck goes in these baskets? It's a good question! If you start googling this you'll find lists as long as your leg! Honestly some folks would have you bankrupt providing everything under the sun! It doesn't need to be that complicate though, seriously a few essentials will go a long way to making your guests feel loved on. 

Show your guests some love, offer up the essentials in the washrooms!

Show your guests some love, offer up the essentials in the washrooms!



Here are my top picks for the hospitality baskets: 

Click on any of these items to order directly from Walmart or grab them at almost any store near you!








Mints (individually wrapped)

Tissue (if the washrooms are not already set for this)


Floss Picks

Stain Remover Pen

Antacids (Tums)

Lint Roller

Bug Spray (if it's an outdoor affair)


Spray Deodorant

A few extras for the Ladies:

Hair Elastics

Bobby Pins



Nail File

It's that simple. A few thoughtful extras will go a long way. If you're worried that someone might have an urgent need for something else, take a deep breath, your wedding planner has it!

xo Sarah