Newly Engaged! What's Next? A Couples Guide to the First Steps Post Engagement

Amazing! The question has been popped and the answer was "YES"! This is an incredibly exciting time, no doubt your mind is already racing. Once you recover from the initial surprise of that oh so special proposal, you start wondering, what next? Not to worry, I have your very first To Do list all set to go!

1. Spread the news. If your nearest and dearest were not there for the proposal, you are going to want to share this huge news with them first. Before you rush to post your news  - or more likely a snap of your stunning ring - on Facebook or Instagram, pause. This is big news, even if everyone knew it would happen sooner or later, it still ranks in the top three things you need to share with family first. 

2. Get a manicure. Okay so this step is optional for sure. Here's the thing, your hands have never been on display like they are now. Everyone will want to see this new addition to your hand, even strangers will comment on the new rings sparkle and shine. If there ever was a time to get your hands into top shape this is it. 

3. Insure the ring. I know, this step isn't sexy. They don't show it in any of the movies and it seldom makes the cover of the magazines, but it's super important. Jewelry, like engagement and wedding rings, are investments and need to be protected. Many people don't realize that there are limits to the value of goods protected in your home owners policy (love the fine print, right?). You are going to want to contact your insurance provider to see what they can offer in terms of a personal articles policy or a rider. 

4. Cherish the moment. Sometime I wonder if this shouldn't be the first thing on the list, really it is so important. More important then any task on a checklist, is savouring the moment with your partner. So pour the wine and settle in for this amazing journey to the next step together.

5. Let the daydreams begin. Some people have been dreaming of their wedding since they were little, others not so much. It doesn't matter where you fall on that spectrum, now is the time to start picturing the day in earnest. So indulge in the latest copy of Todays Bride or WedLuxe magazine and start picturing all that your day could be! 

6. Pick a season, any season. The season that you choose will impact the budget, the availability of vendors, the comfort of you and your guests so why not take the time to figure out what is best for the two of you? You might be worried about the special men and women who choose to wear suits, sweating to death in July. Maybe the idea of being out in the cold has you breaking out in hives. Consider all that each season has to offer and decide what works best for both of you!

7. Team up with a wedding planner. I know this is a tricky step for some couples. You are debating amongst yourselves now, wondering "do we need a planner?" "can't we just do it ourselves?". Absolutely you can do this yourselves, but why would you? While this is probably the first time that you have planned a wedding, a wedding planner has done this many times before. The average wedding takes a couple about 300 hours to plan, crazy right? Working with a planner means that you are not the one scouring the internet and being bombarded with information. Instead they will filter out the noise and present you with a refined list of vendors that could work for you, to take a closer look at. Your wedding planner can help you stay on budget, mediate family drama, manage all the little details of the day, help you create the wedding of your dreams and if having an expert at your side is not enough, they are often able to help you save some money along the way! 

8. Determine a budget. Ouch, it stings to say it. It's not fun to think about the budget, but it's so important. Your Wedding is going to be an amazing day to be sure, but you do not want to be paying for this amazing day for the rest of your lives! This is where partnering with a wedding planner comes in to play. Professional wedding planners are experienced in creating a budget and will help you to create a realistic plan to achieve your vision within your budget. 

So there you have it, the first eight steps to get you off and running. Your fabulous wedding planner will guide you through the rest of the process, it really can be super fun! 

Happy Planning!

- Sarah